Walking the streets of the city is now much safer


It is a security system that protects you against any risk situation by responding immediately.

The response of our service is based on protocols developed by security specialists. Guaranteeing immediate response to any situation of danger, theft, street harassment or emergency. In the event of an alert, we guarantee immediate notification to the security forces and your selected contacts to inform them of your situation.

People monitoring service

Monthly service for individuals, companies,
family groups, the elderly, etc.
In an emergency, the operators initiate the agreed protocol, notify a family member or defined contact and then simultaneously notify the police.

What is it for?

From Helpme24hs we protect you in possible risk situations:

  • Facts of insecurity
  • Robbery
  • Street harassment
  • Medical emergencies
  • Fire
  • Accidents
  • Remote assistance


Our platform is easy to use and guarantees a quick response to an alert.

1. The user sends an alert by pressing the Helpme24hs icon on the mobile device or other physical device.
2. The alert and the geographical location are received by our staff at the monitoring center.
3. The staff of our monitoring center verifies the emergency and communicates with security or health entities.
4. The corresponding entity sends the necessary assistance according to the emergency.
5. Simultaneously we communicate with a family member or designated person to notify him of the user's situation.


It is a security system that protects you against any risk situation by responding immediately.
It is a portable, mobile system, wherever you go and wherever you are you will be protected (as long as you have a device connected to the network).
Just by pressing a button from your cell phone, PC or anti-panic button, we will go into action.
No matter the situation, we know what to do at any time and in each place.
Quick geolocation and communication with the police forces that are closest to you.
The Helpme24hs system application allows you to configure various actions depending on the alert you send.

Main features of the application

  • Mobile Panic Button
  • Postdated emergency button
  • Background running, never stops
  • Location via GPS, WiFi and/or cellular network
  • Send emergency text messages to the right people
  • Log sending to server at specific intervals
  • Efficient management of energy consumption
  • Possibility of remote activation by physical button
  • Automatic activation when shaking the phone even if it is in standby (screen off)
  • Stealth function, installation as invisible application

Always Safe

HelpMe24hs users feel safe because 
the operators are taking care of them 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, 365 days a year.